We provide a comprehensive range of corporate investigation services to both large and small businesses in the UK and worldwide.

Our specialist private investigators offer detailed, diligent and ethical corporate investigative services, helping companies mitigate risk, make vital decisions and protect their business.

From fraud investigations to surveillance to due diligence to data theft, we use our 25 years investigative experience to offer a specialist corporate investigation service of the highest quality

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Our Corporate Investigation Services

We take great care and pride in the thorough, professional and ethical way in which we provide our range of corporate investigation services. 

We ensure our team of corporate private investigators encompasses a range of professional backgrounds and specialisms. This means we’re able to offer a wide range of services to the businesses we work with.

Our corporate investigation services include:

  • Fraud investigations
  • Covert surveillance and counter-surveillance
  • Due diligence in relation to potential partners, suppliers and clients
  • Employee investigations / employment history investigations
  • Pre-litigation investigations
  • Data Theft 
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Financial Investigations
  • Complex intelligence gathering

Whether you’re looking for these services or something else, our corporate investigators have the knowledge, experience and tools to help you. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

The importance Of Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations have huge importance in mitigating present and future risk to your business assets. Contracting a corporate private investigation specialist saves companies time, money and provides great reassurance, be it on mergers, acquisitions, potential partners, employees and clients, or legal issues

The reasons that businesses large and small seek our corporate investigation service are many and varied, relating to the following key aspects of business growth and development:

Mitigating Risk: Present and Future

Our specialist corporate investigation services mitigate present and future risk for businesses large and small. We advise our corporate clients how to protect against, or recover from, difficult situations. From counter surveillance, to process serving, to tracing services, our specialist corporate investigative services help companies protect or recover their assets.

Managing Change With Care

Change is key to business growth. And anticipating and managing that change well is the key to secure and sustainable growth. From the necessary due diligence of moving with the legislation, to researching the credit history of new business partners, our top private investigators possess the specific, specialist skills to undertake the thorough corporate investigations needed to help your business manage change with care.

Planning For Success

Solid partnerships, pursuit of new opportunities and hiring well are all key components of a successful business. An important part of our corporate investigation service is the checking and vetting of potential business developments. As a result we can advise our corporate clients on their best and safest route to growing their business and benefiting from increased profitability

About Our Corporate Private Investigators

Over our 25 years in this business, the quality and integrity of our private investigators has always been our priority. We only employ experienced specialists who have shown the track record, ethical code and skill level required to be one of our investigators.

It’s essential to us that our investigators are specialised experts in corporate investigations. Meaning these investigators are not simply matrimonial investigators turning their hand to corporate work, but are highly specialised, trained and experienced.

Our corporate private investigators come from a range of relevant backgrounds including the police, fraud squad, banking and specialised advisory roles. The skills and experience they gained in these previous roles form the vital basis of the important work we do for you now.

We always use the right people, with the right skill sets and experience, for the right tasks within our corporate investigations. 

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To discuss how our specialist corporate private investigators can help your business protect and grow its assets, contact us now for your free, no-obligation appraisal:

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